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Resources for Students


Academic advisors are faculty and staff assigned to help you make the most of your time at Mizzou. They will assist you in finding a degree program that matches your interests and abilities, meeting graduation requirements and finding out about extracurricular activities that will boost your skills and broaden your experiences. The advisors in our department encourage a collaborative relationship with the student based on a sharing of responsibilities. The goal of the relationship is to guide the student toward accepting responsibility for his/her own learning and academic decision-making.

Transferring into the program: Students interested in one of our programs can now make appointments with our advisor, Tammy Conrad by using MU Connect. You can view her calendar and select a day and time that works with your schedule. At the appointment you will be able to discuss the program and complete the transfer process. Tammy’s office is located in Gwynn Hall, Room 201.

Contact: Undergraduate Advisor | Dietetics Advisor | Graduate Advisor

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Dates and Deadlines
There are specific times by which certain activities or forms must be completed - Registering for, adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes, officially declaring a major, applying for graduation, appealing a grade, completing a course in which an incomplete grade is assigned or applying for financial aid to mention a few)

Degree Audits
The degree audit is an automated report reflecting a student's academic progress toward the completion of a degree. It is built to reflect the degree requirements in place when you entered the program and indicate what courses are still needed for advancing into the program or graduating.

To be included in the list of degree candidates, it is necessary for students to submit a Request for a Graduation Evaluation. Students should submit this form prior to enrolling for their final semester of classes .

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