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Call for Postdoctoral Scholars

The University of Missouri’s Research Excellence Program (REP) Program is designed to enhance research activity at the university. The REP program provides funding to selected high performing University of Missouri (MU) faculty to hire postdoctoral scholars to further research productivity and postdoctoral preparation for grant writing and careers in the professoriate.

Current Call for Applications

We are currently accepting applications for postdoctoral scholars to work with the following University of Missouri REP faculty including:

Dr. Jaume Padilla – Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology; NextGen Precision Health

Dr. Padilla’s research program focuses on understanding the interplay between insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. A primary focus is the study of mechanisms underlying vascular insulin resistance and dysfunction in the setting of physical inactivity, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Padilla’s research, funded by NIH, is collaborative, integrative, and incorporates biochemical and molecular techniques, in vitro cell and ex vivo tissue culture models (e.g., study of isolated arteries), in vivo studies in genetic mouse models and large animals, as well as studies in human participants using non-invasive vascular imaging modalities including Doppler and contrast-enhanced ultrasound under a myriad of experimental conditions.

How To Apply

For more information, see the Research Excellence Program Postdoc job description on the Chronicle of Higher Education.

To apply, search for Job ID 38521 on the Mizzou HRS recruiting site.