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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the information provided in our frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, please contact Ben Sauro at (573) 882-4288 or

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Yes, applications will be considered after the deadline but this may mean that the applicant will not be eligible for an assistantship depending on when the application is made.
Yes, we do except a few students to enter at that time but it is not ideal as you would be out of sequence in taking classes.
Yes. The primary thing we look for is the course work that the student has taken. If the student does not have the required coursework this will hurt their application.
An Exercise Physiology MS student doing the non-thesis (internship option) track could do this program part-time, but for students doing a thesis this would be very difficult. A PhD student cannot do the program part-time.
If you can identify whether you would prefer one option over the other it helps us in assigning students to advisors, however if a student is unsure, we would allow them to choose one of the options after their first semester.
Yes, this will help you determine if this is the line of research that you will want to pursue and it would let you know if they may be able to take students in the next year. If you make contact with a faculty member and/or are interested in their research, you should mention this in your personal statement.
The only pre-reqs that can possibly be taken while part of the program is biochemistry and organic chemistry if you are a MS candidate and only organic if you are a PhD candidate.
At this time we do not offer any graduate courses online.