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Physical Activity, Nutrition and Human Performance Internship

NEP 4940 (1 – 6 Credit Hours)

Combines study, observation and employment in an area of exercise physiology and/or nutrition. Written reports, faculty evaluation . Prerequisites: GPA >3.0; 90 hours including four core courses in nutrition and exercise physiology and NEP 3850W; instructor’s consent.

Students majoring in Nutrition & Fitness are encouraged to participate in an internship experience. The Nutrition & Fitness Internship Program (NS 4940) can provide Nutrition & Fitness students with practical work experience in a fitness center, corporation, clinic or agency. This on-the-job training lets students experience the duties, responsibilities, organizational roles and professional interaction of personnel in these settings. This is an ideal opportunity to get experience in the real world, and to identify an area you may want to work in in the future.

Both local (mid-Missouri) and distant internship opportunities are available. Many of the distant internships carry a living expenses stipend. Please see the local (Mid-Missouri) Internship listing below. A complete listing of internships can be found in 204 Gwynn Hall or 106 Gwynn Hall. All internships must be approved by Dr. Kanaley prior to enrollment.

Download Internship Application Form

The following is a list of qualifications that you must meet in order to participate in the nutrition and fitness internship program.

  1. Student must be in the standing of junior or higher.
  2. Exercise Physiology course must be completed (NS3850) (Minor exceptions will be considered).
  3. GPA of 3.0
  4. Recommendation of faculty advisor confirming that you meet the requirements for the internship. (Advisor can phone or email Dr. Kanaley)
  5. A copy of your transcript submitted to Dr. Kanaley.
  6. Time commitment of at 3-6 credit hours
  7. Permission to enroll in the internship from Dr. Kanaley, and paperwork completed.

A complete listing of internships is available in 204 Gwynn Hall.

  1. Boone Hospital Center, Cardiac rehabilitation program
  2. Boone Hospital Center, WellAware adult fitness program
  3. Peak Performance, Athletic conditioning
  4. University of Missouri Nutrition Extension, Nutrition and fitness programs
  5. Grindstone Fitness Studio, General fitness
  6. Wilson’s Fitness Center, General fitness
  7. Capitol Region Medical Center, Jefferson City, Cardiac rehabilitation program
  8. Strength and Conditioning, Mizzou Athletics Training Complex
  9. Other internships are acceptable as long as they are cleared with Dr. Kanaley

The course NS4940 Internship in Nutrition and Fitness is designed to:

  1. Provide students practical experiences in a setting consistent with the type of setting in which the student will be pursuing a career.
  2. Provide students opportunities in which course theory may be applied in an actual learning situation.
  3. Allow students the opportunities to use a variety of strategies, materials and equipment.
  4. Allow students to experience the duties, responsibilities, organizational roles, and professional interaction of personnel in these settings.
  5. Serve as a culminating activity for undergraduate students to do on-the-job training and begin to gain experiences required for the future.


  1. Get approval from your advisor and internship coordinator for the type of work you propose to do to earn NS 4940 credit. Provide the coordinator with a current transcript, advisor approval letter, and type of experience you desire.
  2. Spend a minimum of 45 hours for each one hour of credit for which the student is enrolled. 4 hours credit = 180 hours per semester.
  3. Secure permission from the appropriate person in the clinic, agency, or other place you will work.
  4. Do the work. Perform the duties that the person in charge of your internship experience specifically directs.
  5. Complete the forms, including a work log, as indicated below.

Return the Completed Forms to Your Advisor:

  1. Diary/log of your daily activities and hours
  2. Advisor’s Report
  3. Supervisor Report
  4. Student Report

For you to get credit for the course, the forms must be completed and returned by STOP DAY of the semester in which you are enrolled OR contact your advisor by this day to make other arrangements.
If you have any questions, contact:
Jill Kanaley, PhD
Professor, Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
204 Gwynn Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-2519

Jill Kanaley, PhD
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
204 Gwynn Hall
Phone: 573-882-2519

Dan Smith, MS, RCEP
Assistant Teaching Professor and Career Advisor
106C McKee
Phone: (573) 882-9827

Amy Marek
Senior Academic Advisor
322 Gwynn Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-1144