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Undergraduate Research Internship Program

The Department of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology (NEP) is pleased to sponsor the NEP Undergraduate Research Internship to encourage MU students to gain research experience in the fields of Human Physiology & Translational Sciences and Exercise Physiology. This program brings lecture concepts to life, gives students an in-depth experience in the laboratory, and helps to make our students more prepared and more competitive after graduation.
conducting ultrasound

It is a 9-month (academic year) internship, with an option to apply for a summer extension. The department includes faculty from two MU colleges (School of Medicine and CAFNR.) Faculty mentors must be included in the list of faculty on the departmental web site. Preference will be given to Majors within the department. The deadline is April 1. The stipend is $3000 for the academic year plus $1000 for the faculty mentor to support the costs associated with the student’s research. Students successfully completing the 9-month internship are eligible to apply for the COMPETITIVE summer extension. The stipend for the summer extension is $4000 plus $1000 for faculty mentor to support costs associated with the research. Note that this extension will only go to those students who have demonstrated significant productivity and have the enthusiastic support of their mentors.

  • Students must enroll in the fall course, NEP 4950 (2 cr) during the first semester of the internship,
  • Students must present an abstract of their work in a poster session (of faculty mentor choice) at the end of the internship.