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James Tincknell

PhD Exercise Physiology

James TinknellJames Tincknell completed his undergraduate degree at Salem State University (Salem, MA) in Sport and Movement Science. Upon finishing his bachelor’s he worked in the Strength and Conditioning field for two years prior to beginning his MS degree. He then attended UMass Boston (Boston, MA) where he completed a master’s degree in Exercise and Health Sciences where he first developed an interest in molecular research work. It was this transition from coaching to research that led his to coming to Mizzou and working under Dr. Rector. His work in S&C coupled with his research experience has led him to be interested in determining how holistic lifestyle modifications can prevent, treat, and mitigate chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. He believes exploring common pathways of various disease etiology and progression will elucidate an understanding on how to identify early indicators of disease pathogenesis. When he’s not in the lab, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog as well as hiking, kayaking and running.

Awards: Finalist for the 2020 NEACSM Master’s Student Investigator Award

Why did you choose Mizzou?

Hard to pinpoint one specific reason. I had an incredible interview experience and felt like both faculty and current students went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I was immediately able to envision what life could be like in Columbia. I also wanted to expand upon my molecular work I did in my Master’s program and thought Dr. Rector’s lab was a perfect fit. Everyone made me feel welcomed and wanted.

What is your thesis/dissertation about?

Your guess is as good as mine!

Why did you choose the field you chose?

I have always been interested in exercise as well as science so being able to bridge the two together seemed like a perfect fit.

Have your career goals changed?

My main career goal is to bridge the gap between exercise and medicine through rigorous and transparent quantitative research and implement a novel, holistic and evidence-based approach towards public health.

Where do you plan to go upon graduation?

I hope to pursue a post-doc, not sure where yet.

What did you like about Mizzou?

Location and opportunities within my lab with my faculty advisor.

Who was your mentor?

Dr. Scott Rector.