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Kieran Wood

MS Student in Exercise Physiology

Kieran WoodKieran Wood is from England and is at Mizzou due to being a track athlete. While at Mizzou, he is also working on his masters in Exercise Physiology. He came in to the University wanting to further his knowledge from his degree, and was aiming at pursuing a career in coaching collegiately. He therefore hoped the knowledge he picked up would help him bring more disciplines together in this regard. Since he’s been at Mizzou, he received Academic All-American honours alongside being All-SEC in Cross-Country and Indoor Track.

Why did you choose Mizzou?

As a student-athlete, I chose Mizzou because I felt at home, and like Mizzou was the place to best help set me up for any future endeavours, in the world of sport of work.

What is your thesis/dissertation about?

I am not doing one.

Why did you choose the field you chose?

I chose exercise physiology because my undergraduate degree from the UK was in Sports and Exercise science, so it was the logical next step to progress my education.

Have your career goals changed?

Yes. I have had a complete 180 in my career goals and am now looking to pursue a career in Church Ministry back in the UK.

Where do you plan to go upon graduation?

To hug my parents after the ceremony.

What did you like about Mizzou?

I loved the atmosphere. I felt at home, and for a big campus, it felt welcoming and friendly. Alongside that, being an athlete, the SEC was a big pull factor with the facilities we have on our campus.