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Nichole Mobley

Nichole MobleyMS Student in Exercise Physiology

Why did you choose Mizzou?

Central to Missouri, my home state, Mizzou’s beautiful campus and extended opportunities lead me to Columbia about 4 hours away from my hometown, Cape Girardeau.

What is your thesis/dissertation about?

I am an Exercise Physiology Graduate student on the internship track.

Why did you choose the field you chose?

Exercise has numerous health benefits that have positively changed my life over the years. I hope to provide education, information, and resources to communities across the country about ways to live a more active lifestyle, so people can experience similar changes in their own lives.

Have your career goals changed?

My career goals changed half-way through college when I discovered the preventative health initiatives related to exercise. Originally, I declared Pre-Med as my starting direction for undergraduate courses. Now, I am excited to work on the front end of health providing resources for exercise to Columbia communities as a Personal Trainer for MU Health Care.

Where do you plan to go upon graduation?

After graduation, plans are on hold until an internship is complete. I am willing to travel for an internship or future careers.

What did you like about Mizzou?

Mizzou helped me build a strong network of students, professors, and local professionals active in the community. Mizzou also encouraged my growth as an individual and a leader by giving me opportunities, pushing me out of my comfort zone, and providing support through the entire process.

Who is/was your mentor?

I do not have a single mentor, but have felt mentored by many faculty in the department including Dr. Kanaley, Dr. Ball, and Professor Smith. I appreciate all their help along the way so much!