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Sabrina Antle

Sabrina AntleMS Student in Exercise Physiology

Why did you choose Mizzou?

I chose Mizzou because of the amazing facilities and professors they have that helped me grow and learn so much in only 2 semesters. They offered me the Campbell-Harrison scholarship, as well. I also chose Mizzou because they gave me the option of doing an internship instead of a thesis, which is something that really interested me. I chose to do an internship because, as I mentioned, I want to do cardiac rehab in the future. It let’s me get some great hands-on experience before I start my career.

Why did you choose the field you chose?

I chose Exercise Physiology because I’ve always enjoyed caring for people and this field allows me to do that in a really unique way. When I get to work in a rehab clinic in the future, I’ll get to make tailored programs to my patients in order to get them in better health after they’ve experienced heart or lung issues and improve their quality of life.

Where do you plan to go upon graduation?

After graduation, my plans are to move to Kansas City and start a job in a cardiac rehab clinic at a nearby hospital.

Who was your mentor?

I work with Dr. Kanaley on the LIFE study because I didn’t have any kind of research background and was interested in getting some experience with that as well.