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Travis Emerson

MS Exercise PhysiologyTravis EmersonTravis Emerson is a master’s student with a focus on Exercise Physiology. He has always loved sports and being active growing up so naturally this is just the path he followed. Upon graduation, he wishes to find a lab that has a research interest in muscle physiology and/or human performance. He really enjoys sharing his enthusiasm of exercise with others who have the same interest, which is why eventually he wants to become a professor of exercise physiology/biomechanics.

Why did you choose Mizzou?

Mizzou was a great choice for me because of the amazing staff and I am also a local resident of St. Louis. Mizzou has some of the greatest researchers in their respective fields so there is so much to learn from each laboratory in ways of general knowledge and methodologies.

What is your thesis/dissertation about?

My thesis is on recess interventions and how to increase the activity levels of children. Specifically I look at playground “zoning”, which separates a traditional playground into activity zones for kids to engage and participate in whichever activity they choose.

Why did you choose the field you chose?

Research shows that inactive children generally stay inactive as an adult, so our goal is to target and lower the prevalence of inactivity in today’s children. I enjoy this research because it is a fun way to teach children the importance of activity while simultaneously combatting the obesity epidemic we see today.

Have your career goals changed?

No, I still aspire to acquire a doctorate in exercise physiology and continue into academia.

Where do you plan to go upon graduation?

I have a couple of different schools in mind, but I have not decided.

What did you like about Mizzou?

I love this department. Everyone is so willing to help each other. We are a small department but very close in nature which makes it feel like you are not alone in the program.

Who was your mentor?

Dr. Stephen Ball