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NEP Recent Graduate Students

Jillian Barnas - Influence of Supervised Activity Zones During Recess on Sedentary Activity, Social Skill Development, and Problem Behavior in Elementary-Aged Children.

Laura Clart - The Role of Estrogen Receptor Beta DNA Binding Domain in Mediating Adipose Tissue and Systemic Metabolic Effects of Exercise in Ovariectomized Mice. MS Exercise Physiology

Rory Cunningham - The role of hepatocellular eNOS in NAFLD development and hepatic mitochondrial adaptations to exercise

Zachary Grunewald - Role of TRAF3IP2 in Obesity-Associated Vascular Insulin Resistance and Dysfunction

Lilian Iyeghe - Associations Between Client Choice in Food Pantries and Client Food Security Status

Lauren Park - Investigating increased shear stress and physical activity as strategies to improve vascular insulin sensitivity

Jay Porter - Sleep, Exercise and Insulin Sensitivity

Tim Heden - Most Effective Time to Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes

Terese Zidon - Effects of Exercise and Phytoestrogens on White Adipose Tissue Health in Estrogen Deficient Rodents