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BS in Fitness Programming and Management

Coming Fall 2021

We are excited to announce our first 100% online degree program leading to a BS in Fitness Programming and Management. This degree is designed for students who are interested in fitness and program management, but do not wish or are unable to be on campus. It is a good option for both traditional and non-traditional students, including those in the military.

The Bachelor of Science in Fitness Programming and Management provides students with the knowledge and skills to assist individuals across the lifespan in adopting physical activity, exercise, and other healthy behaviors that lead to increased fitness, wellness and optimal health. Students are prepared to pursue national certifications provided by professional organizations in fields of study related to exercise, strength and conditioning, and sports medicine. Graduates will be experts at teaching exercise to most populations. Additionally, students will complete the coursework needed to earn a Minor in Business preparing them for a variety of jobs in the fitness industry and beyond. Information on the minor, courses, grades and other qualifications to earn the minor can be found on College of Business website.

Learning Objectives:

  • Skills in designing, implementing, administering and evaluating effective exercise/health promotion programs in private, work-site, community, health care, medical, and agency settings.
  • Foundational knowledge in fitness, exercise, and physical activity.
  • Methods for helping people make healthy behavior changes and lessen unhealthy behaviors.
  • Competencies required to be qualified to take a national certification from the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM-CPT) or Group Exercise Instructor (ACSM-GEI).

Students who earn a degree in Fitness Programming and Management often pursue careers in fitness centers, college and university wellness and health promotion, community health agencies, fitness manufacturing companies, hospitals and medical facilities, insurance companies, nonprofit disease prevention agencies, private health care organizations, schools, state and county health departments, wellness centers, and work-site wellness and health promotion.

Major Program Requirements:

This program is designed as a 100% online degree program leading to a BS in Fitness Programming and Management and requires a minimum of 120 total credit hours to complete. General Education requirements and approved courses from other institutions and entities may be transferred for credit, these will be evaluated by admissions and the department for equivalency. Upon completion of this academic program and as part of the student's capstone project, the student will be required to sit for, and pass, the ACSM Personal Training Certification.

Students must complete all university requirements, including general education, and those of the College of Human Environmental Sciences in addition to the degree requirements.

A sample plan of courses is coming soon.