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Human Clinical Testing Facility

door to MUNCH

"MUNCH" is a state-of-the-art facility (containing 1840 sq ft) that facilitates a broad range of nutrition research and lifestyle interventions to examine the impact of various foods and diets on human health.

food prep

  • Ability to manipulate any dietary component
  • Precise preparation of single meals to full diets
  • Acute and long-term storage available for over 100 people

Dining (with observation)

dining room

dining room

  • Open dining hours throughout the day and evening
  • Seating for up to 24 people
  • Ability to unobtrusively monitor social eating

Teaching/Demonstration Kitchen

teacher demonstrating in kitchen

Ability to perform cooking demonstrations for teaching, extension, and lifestyle interventions.

door to MUNCH

"MU-PAW" is a state-of-the-art designated (human) clinical research facility (containing 2250 sq ft) for the assessment of (semi)-invasive physiological and behavioral health-related outcomes.

Clinical Testing Rooms

clinical testing room

giving blood

  • 4 testing rooms well-equipped to perform repeated blood sampling, including OGTTs & Mixed-meal TTs
  • All rooms include recliners, wifi access, and laptops, making them ideal for long (16 h) testing days

DXA machine


One room equipped with a DXA machine (Hologic) and BOD-POD to assess whole body and regional bone density and/or body composition

giving blood

private desk area

  • Private phlebotomy room for single stick blood draws and catheter insertions
  • Private, quiet room for cognitive function and/or other computerized assessments

metabolic cart

EKG machine

One room equipped with 2 metabolic carts and EKG machine to assess fitness, resting state energy expenditure, and substrate oxidation/utilization

walking at treadmill desk

waiting room

work room

  • Research coordinator office (to assist with scheduling)
  • Waiting area for research participants
  • Private consenting room with copier and temporary filing (of consents, etc.)

work area

work area

work area

  • Storage room for human clinical testing supplies
  • Blood processing room with 2 refrigerated centrifuges, biosafety cabinet, -80 freezer, and an ice machine
  • Temporary desk space for graduate students and technicians during the testing days

wet lab

wet lab

The wetlab is 3400 sq ft and has adjoining animal and human wings containing pieces of equipment such as multiplex (multi-analyte) analyzers (Magpix, Immulite), Western blot imager, real-time PCR system, microscopes, mouse doppler, wire-myograph, cell culture incubator, low temp freezers, and refrigerated centrifuges.

Becky Shafer

Becky Shafer, MS, NSCA-CPT
Senior Human Clinical Research Specialist

  • Oversees MU-PAW
  • Assists with Testing

Ying Liu

Ying Liu
Research Assistant/Lab Technician

  • Assists with Testing
  • Catheter Insertions

Chris Hardin on treadmill desk

Chris Hardin, PhD
Director, MUNCH & MU-PAW
Professor & Chair, NEP
Phone: (573) 882-4288