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NEP Students Accomplish Great Feats in the Face of Great Challenges

As Mizzou pivoted to new forms of learning and engagement in Fall of 2020, the Office of Undergraduate Research designed and delivered a robust set of online workshops to provide students a means to create community and enhance their skills, in preparation for a time when they would return to mentored research and creative scholarship. To incentivize participation in these workshops, the S.T.A.R. (Student Training for Advancing Research) program was created. Each student who attended at least five workshops or completed compliance training (IRB, RCR, EHS), was awarded a small gift (a sticker proclaiming, “I earned my STAR!”).

Over the course of 32 workshops, there were 660 workshop attendances from more than 225 students. To date, 79 students have ‘earned their STAR, including the NEP students named below. Conratulations!

S.T.A.R. Student Training for Advancing Research

  • Hanna Albright
  • Carrie Coffman
  • Maggie Fitzgerald