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Clinical Research Facilities

door to MUNCH

“MU-PAW” is a state-of-the-art designated (human) clinical research facility (containing 2250 sq ft) for the assessment of (semi)-invasive physiological and behavioral health-related outcomes.

Clinical Testing Rooms

clinical testing room

giving blood

  • 4 testing rooms well-equipped to perform repeated blood sampling, including OGTTs & Mixed-meal TTs
  • All rooms include recliners, wifi access, and laptops, making them ideal for long (16 h) testing days

DXA machine


One room equipped with a DXA machine (Hologic) and BOD-POD to assess whole body and regional bone density and/or body composition

giving blood

private desk area

  • Private phlebotomy room for single stick blood draws and catheter insertions
  • Private, quiet room for cognitive function and/or other computerized assessments

metabolic cart

EKG machine

One room equipped with 2 metabolic carts and EKG machine to assess fitness, resting state energy expenditure, and substrate oxidation/utilization

walking at treadmill desk

waiting room

work room

  • Research coordinator office (to assist with scheduling)
  • Waiting area for research participants
  • Private consenting room with copier and temporary filing (of consents, etc.)

work area

work area

work area

  • Storage room for human clinical testing supplies
  • Blood processing room with 2 refrigerated centrifuges, biosafety cabinet, -80 freezer, and an ice machine
  • Temporary desk space for graduate students and technicians during the testing days

Becky Shafer

Becky Shafer, MS, NSCA-CPT
Senior Human Clinical Research Specialist

  • Oversees MU-PAW
  • Assists with Testing

Ying Liu

Ying Liu
Research Assistant/Lab Technician

  • Assists with Testing
  • Catheter Insertions

More Information

Chris Hardin on treadmill desk

Chris Hardin, PhD
Director, MUNCH & MU-PAW
Professor & Chair, NEP
(573) 882-4288