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2021 NEP Spring Seminar Series

The 2021 Spring Seminar Series will be held on Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Due to social distancing guidelines, in–person seminars will be closed to the general public. Seminars will be available to everyone via Zoom. For more information, contact Ben Sauro at (573) 882-4288 or

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Date Speaker Lecture Title
Jan. 21 Catia Martins, PhD
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Does increased appetite and reduced energy expenditure really drive weight regain?
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Jan. 28 John Harrell, PhD
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Government opportunities in physiology research
Feb. 4 Erika Boerman, PhD
University of Missouri
Perivascular inflammation and vasomotor dysfunction in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Metabolic design of striated muscle
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Feb. 18 Charlotte Usselman, PhD
McGill University
The implications of circulating gonadal hormones, particularly testosterone, for cardiovascular function and health in women
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Feb. 25 Donato Rivas, PhD
Tufts University
Role of adipocyte-derived exosomalmi RNA in circulation on age-associated anabolic resistance and sarcopenia
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Mar. 4 Robert Newton, PhD
Pennington BiomedicalResearch Center, LSU
Community-based physical activity studies addressing obesity in racial minorities
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Mar. 11 David Gozal, MD, PhD
University of Missouri
Sleep apnea, cardiometabolicdysfunction, gut microbiome and physical activity: All for one and one for all!
Mar. 18 Erica Wehrwein, PhD
Michigan State University
Those who can teach,should: Choosing and preparing for a fulfilling teaching career
Mar. 25 Kelly Swanson, PhD
University of Illinois
Sex-Related differences in host metabolism and health: Role of the gastrointestinal microbiome?
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Apr. 8 Jennifer Garner, PhD, RD
OhioState University
Short value chain approaches to addressing food insecurity & health disparities
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Apr. 15 Kathleen Keller, PhD
Penn State University
Neural and cognitive influences in childhood eating behaviors
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Apr. 22 Ed Melanson, PhD
University of Colorado
Some like it hot: Estrogen and brown fat activity in women