Why NEP?

“As a transfer student, it has been a great experience. The professors here really do care about you and want you to succeed. They have given me exceptional exposure to patients and up-to-date material for becoming the best version of myself.”

Adam Weaver, ’21 Dietetics

“This is an amazing program. The Nutrition and Exercise Physiology department gave me all the tools I need to help me feel prepared in pursuing physical therapy school and I’m super grateful for all the memories I have had here the past four years.”

Kylie Peate, ’20 Physical Activity, Nutrition and Human Performance (Pre-Physical Therapy)

“I am currently a health coach for a health and wellness company where I coach on nutrition and fitness. I also coach on stress and condition management, which recently has included coaching clients through the COVID-19 crisis. I’m thankful for the background that gave me a large base to be able to coach on all of these topics.”

Taylor Biddle, ’12 Fitness/Human Performance

“One of my medical school interviewers stopped me afterwards and said, ‘If you come here, you have a lot to offer and add to other students experience because you can talk about nutrition.'”

Becki Ernst, ’20 Human Physiology and Translational Sciences (Pre-Med)

“Being part of a research lab/community has been the best part of my college experience.”

Christian Fenton, ’23 Human Physiology and Translational Sciences (Pre-Dental)

“I highly recommend Mizzou NEP degree programs to all my fellow international students and native students. With the great staff we have at Mizzou, you will have an incredible college experience that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.”

Wenbo Zhao, ’15 Dietetics and Fitness/Human Performance

“From the beginning, I saw the importance of research because I was immersed straight into a lab through the Discovery Fellow program. By the end of my sophomore year, I was conducting my own research study under the guidance of my mentor. Now, as a senior, we just got a new Discovery Fellow in our lab, so I have been mentoring her and it has been such a great experience for both of us.”

Jillian Otto, ’20 Human Physiology and Translational Sciences (Pre-Med)

“I can honestly tell you that if you are looking for a place to challenge you to grow as a person and professionally, you have definitely found one. And I can promise you two things: it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.”

Zach Wehmeyer, ’16 Dietetics and Fitness/Human Performance